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Spices - 16 oz bags


Advieh, Persian Spice Mix
Allspice Ground
Allspice Jamaican Whole
Anise Seed Whole
Anise Seed Ground
Baharat ,Mid-Eastern Spice Mix
BBQ Spice Mix
Berbere Spice by the Pound
Caraway Seed whole
Nigella -Black Caraway Seed
Cardamom Powder by the Pound
Cayenne Pepper Ground
Chiles, Ancho Powder
Chiles, De Arbol Powder
Chiles, California Powder
Chermoula Spice Blend, Moroccan
Curry Red, Singapore Style
Chinese 5 Spice
CousCous Grains, Moroccan
CousCous Spice Mix, Moroccan
Cinnamon Korintje
Cloves Ground
Coriander Ground
Cumin ground
Curry, Kashmiri Style
Egyptian Spice Mix
Falafel Spice
Fennel Seed or Ground
Fenugreek Ground
Garam Masala 16 oz
Ginger Powder
Greek Seasoning
Hawayij Spice Mix
Harissa Dry Mix, Moroccan
Herbes de Provence Mix
Hibiscus Powder
Italian Herb Seasoning
Juniper Berries Ground
Kebsa, Yemeni Spice Mix
Kibbeh Spice Mix
La Kama Tagine Spice by the Pound
Mace Ground
Masala, Chat Spice Mix
Masala, Fish Spice Mix
Garam Masala by the Pound
Masala, Gujarati Spice Mix
Masala, Kashmiri Spice Mix
Masala, Kala Spice Mix
Masala, Bombay Spice Mix
Masala, Punjabi Spice Mix
Masala, Saag
Masala, Tandoori Spice Mix
Masala -Tikka
Merguez Sausage Blend
Mekellesha Spice by the Pound
Mint Flakes
Moroccan Lentil Spice
Moroccan Rub
Mrouzia Spice Mix, Moroccan
Mustard Seeds, Black
Mustard Seeds, Yellow
Mustard Powder
Nutmeg Ground
Paprika, 120-140 ASTA
Paprika Sweet, Hungarian
Paprika, Smoked Sweet
Paprika, Smoked Hot
PEPPER -African BirdsEye Pepper
Peppercorns, Ground, Sarawak Black
Peppercorns, Szechuan, Coarse Grd
Quatres Epices
Ras El Hanout By the Pound
Salt -Pink Crystal Salt Malha Heeya
Salt, Pure Ocean Sea Salt
Shawarma Chicken
Shawarma Meat
Salt -Indian Black Salt Kala Namak
Sambaar Powder
Seven Spice, Lebanese Style
Seven Spice, Gulf Style
Shish Kebab Per Pound
Sumac by the Pound
No Name
Tunisian Baharat
Tunisian Five Spice
Turmeric Ground
Turkish Baharat Spice Mix
Turkish Rub & Grill Mix
Zahtar by the Pound
Apple Pie Spice
Mahleb - 16 oz

This is a great company. They do stand behind their products. I purchased a tagine, which unfortunately arrived with a big chip on the lid. I called them expecting to have to prove that the lid was ... read more

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