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Moroccan Tea Recipe

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How to prepare Moroccan Tea “Zamouri Style”


Origins of Moroccan Tea:

The origin of tea in Morocco is much debated. Several theories attribute it to various sources. One claims that Morocco's taste for green tea evolved from the first Phoenicians who visited the area.

 Another asserts it originates from Andalusia at the time of the Spanish reconquest. Yet another hypothesis extends further back in time to the Berbers, the first inhabitants of North Africa, who originally came from Central Asia.

Either way the main ingredient of the Moroccan tea is the Temple of Heaven Green Tea.


Temple of Heaven Green Tea is the highest grade Gunpowder available.
Also called Pinhead Gunpowder for its small size pellets, it is made from smaller size leaves than the basic Gunpowder Green Tea.
The cup color is slightly lighter and the infusion a bit more aromatic and complex with a flowery undertone.
We recommend infusing this tea slightly longer to give the leaves time to unfurl.
Try with a mint leaf as "tea a la menthe".


Things I need to prepare Moroccan Tea:

  • Temple of Heaven Green Tea (available at
  • Mint –Fresh or Dry (available at
  • Orange Blossom Water (available at
  • Sugar
  • Fresh Water
  • Tea Pot


For a 3 Cup (24 oz) to 4 Cup (32 oz) Tea Pot:


While the water is boiling:

  1.  Add 1 to 1 ˝ TBS of Green Tea into your Tea Pot.
  2.  Pour in about ˝ cup of boiling water. Swirl the liquids around and then quickly pour out the water, taking care not to lose any of the tea leaves. (This will rinse out the bitterness and make it a much smoother tea).
  3.  Add 1 tsp of Dry Mint or a handful of fresh mint leaves (read Note)
  4.  Add 2 - 3 TBS of Sugar or to taste
  5.  Add 1 TBS of  Orange Blossom Water or to taste
  6. Pour in the rest of the boiling water into the Tea Pot
  7. Let the mixture infuse for about 6 minutes.


Note: (if using Cut Dry Mint make sure to put it in a tea filter or a 1 mesh tea ball) so that it wont be floating in you tea cup.)




Moroccan Tea Recipe

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