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Olives Info -Cured Black

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Ripe Moroccan Picholine olives are the starting point for this traditional, centuries-old cure from Morocco. Layers of olives are alternated with layers of salt, and the olives are left to cure for weeks. Wonderfully intense in aromatic flavor they possess hints of black cherry and plum and have a slightly bitter finish. These wrinkled black olives remain meaty and full of deep smoky qualities without being overly salty.
Without a doubt these are one of the most flavorful ingredients in Moroccan cooking. Moroccan Dry-cured olives are perfect for any use, from tabletop to cooking. They are an excellent accompaniment to a pre-dinner drink or glass of wine. They are a delicious counterpoint to green olives, and they can be used in Moroccan tagines or braised meats or stews of your own invention. Try pitting and chopping them to use in salads.
Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the most important cuisines in the world.
Over the last two millennia the indigenous Berber peoples have endured invasion and conquest, each culture that came left its mark on the land, its people, their cuisine, from the first Phoenician traders to the last French colonizers. A wealth of culinary creativity and the amazing quality of the bounty of ingredients from the everyday to the exotic make Morocco a culinary mecca.
Introduced and re-introduced over the centuries, olive cultivation is central to Moroccan cuisine and culture. One can understand then why the Moroccans are masters of curing and marinating and infusing olives, and why they eat olives with just about every meal, even breakfast.

10 oz

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Olives Info -Cured Black

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