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This is a great company. They do stand behind their products. I purchased a tagine, which unfortunately arrived with a big chip on the lid. I called them expecting to have to prove that the lid was broken. No problem what so ever. The lid is on it's way. I can't wait to give it a try. The packaging was above anything that one would expect. So the breakage was not their fault. -D.ann Oklahoma City, OK
Every package I receive from Zamouri Spices smells so good, I smell it for awhile before taking out the wonderufl order shipped. Love life every moment. Thank you! -Jamie, Kentucky
Super service! I especially enjoy the Harissa (glad I bought a one pound bag) as well as the Mergue Sausage spice, and the Rasal Hanout. I'll be buying the preserved lemons here next. -Jim, St Petersburg, FL
The lovely couscoussiere I received from you was even better than I had hoped. It is so pretty and very substantial. I have not used it yet but I am displaying it in my newly done kitchen. I just purchased a good diffuser and with summer guests arriving any day cannot wait to cook something yummy using the delicious spices I have already purchased from you.-Estella Gifford, Portland, OR
My three Tagines, brazier, spices and Argan oil are all of high quality. The packaging, shipping, and service of all products was excellent. All the spices were fresh and flavorful. I am extremely pleased with everything. Thank you. -Wilkens/Michigan
I have been using argan oil from your company for many many years, before argan became soooo famous. My daughter now uses it exclusively and loves it. I an, by the way ,going into my 82nd year, and look rather great. Thank you for your product. -Phyllis
I went to specifically for the Moroccan Preserved Lemons and Ras el Hanout to use in recipe (Moroccan Chicken with Lemons and Green Olives), then decided to add Dhana Jeera Powder, Tumeric, and Jalapeno Powder. The chicken was amazing! I look forward to using the other products very soon, too. Zamouri's shipping was speedy and they stayed in touch with a tracking number and estimated shipping arrival. I'll order from them again, definitely. -C. Clark
I am a HUGE fan of pure Argan Oil. I think the price of the oil at Zamouri Spices is the best anywhere. Recently I was offered a deal to purchase 3 of the r oz cosmetic argan oil and get a third free and I jumped at the opportunity because I love this stuff. I use it from head to toe. I am done with all the other cosmetics and use it on my face, neck and body morning and night. I was also happy to know that the Argan oil from Zamouri spices is pure, organic and first cold pressed. And did I say how wonderful it is for the hair. Will never be without my Argan Oil. Oh and the Rosewater an Rassoul Clay are divine.-Maria P, Los Angeles
Love, Love easy to use wonderfully aromatic. Cannot find anything even close in Wyoming. Blended perfectly. -Margo, Wyoming
Love the argon oil. use it every day. will be buying more of this product.-Joyce
I started buying from Zamouri's about three years ago when I was looking for argan oil to make soap. That was the prelude to an awesome adventure. Now half the meals I cook are Moroccan. I also found a wonderful Moroccan restaurant. The restaurant's food is the same as the recipes on this site! I like the unglazed tagines best and I really prefer those I buy from Zamouri Spices. Their unglazed tagines fit well. Because they have no glaze the lids are not slippery which with my not so young hands is very helpful. They also develop a flavor of their own and impart that flavor subtly in each food you prepare. It all becomes part of the bouquet of your meal. Zamouri's service is wonderful and personal. Their packaging is excellent. I love Moroccan food and Zamouri is my source for trustworthy tools and ingredients.-C.Dainty Prairie du Sac, WI
I purchased an unglazed tagine and the brazier from Zamouri Spices.They arrived promptly and extremely well packaged. Cann't wait to use them as I visited Marrakesh for the first time this year and just loved the foods prepared in the tagines. Thank you Zamouri, will continue to buy from your store. -Laura C. Riva, Md
First time I used this company, they were so GOOD that I called back for more items. I have been grateful to find the people working there are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with over the internet. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any friends that were looking for things that they sell. -TP Wheeling, WV
Zamouri Spices have excellent products at superb prices; quality products at affordable prices; high-end products to make every woman feel beautiful without high-end prices. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Plus spices that make each meal a gourmet treat. Easy shipping and quick delivery. Thanks Zamouri.
I am so enjoying the products. For my budget, they are kind of expensive but honestly, they are worth it. I bought the clay, the black soap and the rose water. I have used all three of the products and love them all. I used the clay on my hair yesterday and was so surprised that it left my hair so soft throughout the entire application. Whenever I use commercial shampoo, as soon as I apply it, my hair gets stiff and clumpy. With the clay, the texture of my hair was so soft throughout the process and after it dried. I was skeptical about how well the clay would rinse because of the granules, but surprisingly, it rinsed very well. I am so excited about these products! Thank you Zamouri Spices. -K Edwards, Houston, TX
I love everything I ordered from Zamouri Spices. I'll be ordering again very soon! That hammam mit is excellent. I am a loufa officionado... and this product gets an A . I can hardly wait to try the tajine I bought. Thank you for packing it so carefully. You guys are the best find on the internet!! Thank you!!-Mona, NJ
I have been buying from Zamourispices since 2009 and i'm very please with the quality of their products and excellent customer service.Thank you Zamourispices.-Claire
I purchased the Medium size tagine and the spicy stews recipe book as a Christmas gift for my wife, who wanted a tagine for a long time. I received my order promptly after placing a phone order with Mary in customer service. I inspected the order hurredly and did not notice a very small chip in glazing on the 'bowl' portion of the tagine, which we discovered on Christmas day.When I called to report my finding, I again had the extreme pleasure of speaking with Mary, who promised to ship out a brand new complete tagine...and since we recieved the second item two days later, I know she made good on her commitment. We haved used the tagine twice since Christmas and love it immensely. It is so very easy to use and makes absolutely delicious meals. But, keep in mind that if you do not order the brazier, you DO need to buy a heat diffuser for use on a gas OR electric range. As to the cookbook we ordered, we are really looking forward to trying all the tasty recipes. And, as wonderful products as the tagine and cookbook are, the customer service is just as outstanding. Mary is courteous, customer friendly, and takes care of business how and when she promises...she ROCKS! -JW Dickinson
I just wanted to let your company know how much my family respects your delicious moroccan meatball mix and awesome northwoods grill seasoning. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality spice products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to give Zamouri Spices my wholehearted appreciation.Being that my wife will be out of work this year, my family has been finding it harder and harder to afford the little luxuries and was wondering if you had any samples avaliable for your products.I plan on purchasing Zamouri Spices a lot this year for my friends & especially my family and look forward to many more years of enjoyment and reliability from your company. My wife is planning on letting her friends at her local Mom's Club know how great Zamouri Spices is at her monthly meeting in the beginning of next month. You guys are a true success and I am also thinking about writing some reviews for Zamouri Spices moroccan meatball mix and northwoods grill seasoning on and Please thank everybody involved in making Zamouri Spices so awesome! -N.M., Waretown NJ
Ordered the XL-Tagine with the brazier which arrived promptly and very well packed. We had to file the part of the brazier where the tagine sits (so it will sit level on the brazier) since the tagine was a little wider- the brazier is made for an L-Tagine. This wasn't a big deal though and wasn't a problem. Have used the tagine twice already and cooks wonderfully! The XL-Tagine does serve only 6 people. Don't order the smaller sizes if you want to serve as many people unless your guests don't eat much or if you serve other dishes on the side.-Chris B. Texas
Absolutely love the recently ordered spice blends which include Berber, Egyptian & Arabian blends. I use them on many fish and chicken dishes. I also kick up the flavor when adding them to grilled and/or veggies.-Fran, NYC
I found this site by accident. I was looking for Argan oil on the Internet,reading reviews and found ZAMOURI SPICES. After contacting the company and speaking with a representative, I decided to purchase the bulk 32ounce size of cosmetic Argan oil. The rep explained that the culinary oil is processed with heat, the nuts are browned, and more oil is extracted, and the culinary oil has a nutty taste and a slightly darker oil.. The cometic oil is processed by crushing the raw nuts, producing less oil with a faint yellow color, and is tasteless. The cosmetic oil is also edible. my Internet order was place late Friday night, processed Monday, and I received my order Wednesday by UPS.This oil is everything I expected. Great customer service, and the Argan oil arrived just as described. The Argan oil is a light oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin giving an odorless, colorless, and soft feeling to the skin. I add some to my shampoo and face cream. LOVE IT. THANK YOU. -Joyce/MI
I've ordered from this site twice now, and have been so impressed by the customer service and quality of the products. I see plenty has been said about the wonderful products offered here, and I look forward to trying all of the remedies I've seen suggested. Thank you again!- Kathryn, Wilmington, DE
I received my order and I am very happy with my products. I've used my unglazed tagine to make lamb and veggies and it was such a delicious meal. I followed the instructions as provided and also what I saw in the video online and everything worked out perfectly! And of course, I love the spices! So thank you again. I refer your website to everybody I know.-S.G.
If you use essential oils, you should try the "AmberMusk Jamid" is a solid perfume imported from Pakistan with the most heavenly fragrance and it lasts forever! I also purchased the Argan Oil and will be scenting it with my amber musk. For those of you who are keeping up with the cosmetic trends, argan oil is the hottest thing on the market. I checked all over the internet, and you really can't beat the prices, plus the fast service from Zamouri Spices. -Alusia
I received my order three days after I placed it online. Everything arrived beautifully packaged and in great condition. I'm thrilled to be able to find such a great variety of spices and cooking supplies available from one website. Thanks, too, for the recipes online. They're terrific. I've already sent links to your site to several of my friends who love to cook! -Barb B. Fenton, MI
I certainly do love your stuff as you never failed me as I find them all very important and useful as my hubby is arabic to make him more at home at all possiable. spices reminded me of moroc souks. powerful heady smell in the air. too bad youre not in my neighborhood. wink. pls keep your business strong and dont give up! million thanks.-Diane, Iowa
I purchased the culinary oil as a gift believe or not, for someone who suffers from High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol (taking medications for both). After reading the published studies on the effects of this oil on both those problems, I thought it might be a good gift. It is too early to tell whether it is going to help my friend, but we are hopeful. I am planning to buy some for myself for cooking purposes because of all the great testimonials and while I don't suffer from either malady as my friend does, it couldn't hurt.I started off using the cosmetic argan oil for my skin and hair and I love it. I must say the prices here for 100% pure Argan Oil are fantastic. Most places charge much more. I am so happy with this website. Everyone is so helpful. Your company is amazing. You have a spirit of excellence.-Maria, Los Angeles CA
The tagine I purchased online arrived perfectly, packed as if it was going on an Apollo mission. It is absolutely beautiful and makes the most delicious gourmet dishes. I love the spices and all the products that are virtually impossible to buy anywhere else. Zamouri Spices is dependable and ships in a very short time. I highly recommend this store to anyone who loves great food and authentic Moroccan flavors.-Susan O STL,MO
Site provides spices required for all Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterreaean Cooking. Also provides video and complete instructions and availability of recipes and cooking vessels for use of all styles of it's cooking. Welcoming to find such a site. Thank you for being there Zamouri.-R. Romero, Pahrump NV
Best customer service ever ! Very helpful in ineveryway possible best of all greattttt pure product recommend to everyone looking for REAL oils thank you again !stay green !-Jennyfer, Miami FL
Received my argan oil and I don't know what I've done without it for my nearly 70 years. I have always exfoliated daily, but I found the creams I applied after left my skin unpleasantly greasy. One squirt of Argan oil into my damp hand and gently massaged into my still moist face, neck and decollete leaves my skin soft and silky. And, used after showering with the hammam bath mitt, even someone with arthritis can bathe without help and feel great. Thank you Zamouri.-Anita, Florida
I'm so glad to have found Zamouri. I've been wanting to try out recipes from a Moroccan cookbook I received as a gift, but had no idea where to find the spices. Besides those I also ordered the Black Soap and Ghasool clay and already I see the difference in my complexion. All of my orders have been filled quickly and efficiently and you can be assured that I will be a returning customer.-Anita FL
I am impressed with the personal touch of the customer service and the quick shipment. I am sure when I build my clay oven to use with my new tajine the spices they sent will result in excellent North African cuisine. Mahalo -Dan,Kapoho HI
If you ever come across a recipe you just have to try and there is that 1 spice you can't find anywhere, THIS is the place to find it, along with a vast amount of information. I like to cook and especially bake; to try something new; experiment with different flavors. I'm disabled, so I don't get out of the house as much as I should; my kitchen has become my playground. The aroma of the spices when the box first arrived, assured me these spices were of high quality and fresh; strong bright colors to please the eye! Some of the spices were new to me, so it was like opening gifts at Christmas. I have cooked and baked with these spices and the results were quite pleasing to the palate. Delivery was prompt. And, it was actually a pleasure to deal with customer services. I highly recommend this company and their product! DEFINATELY will shop here again!!-Dave, Sarasota, FL
I ordered the most precious Argan oil from this store.This store is offering purest argan oil which is found with very much difficulty elsewhere.I am very much pleased with my product.Thank you very much... -S.Thatha
Quality products and friendly, A++++ customer service. I highly recommend Zamouri Spices.-Mary VF
I've finally found a reliable consistent source of Moroccan spices and ingredients.Thank you for bringing a taste of home to the U.S. Keep up the good work!-Rita, New York
I am something of a skin care fanatic with the idea that good consistent skincare using quality product will allow my skin to look ageless - at almost 50, this remains true as I have no wrinkles yet. After reading so much about argan oil, I purchased the argan paste. Oh my goodness, this is an AMAZING product. Used as instructed, it leaves my face clean, clear, moisturized, and so very soft. Makeup glides on so smoothly. I only wish the paste were available in larger sizes so that I could use it all over my body. This product will become one of my staples for years to come.-Angela
I use Ras al Hanout, Harissa,preserved lemons, Kefta, and a variety of other spices from your company. I have tried to buy some from local sources but the taste and quality is not as good. Having access to your spices has changed the way I cook. Thank You-Joyce Hassan-Williams,Sacramento, California
I love my majmar so much that on one of our typical rainy days in western Washington, I used it to grill chicken strips (marinated and seasoned with Zamouri spices, of course!) in my fireplace. And I've become hooked on Moroccan mint tea, thanks to your videos. Wonderful site which I will continue to use for my middle eastern grocery needs. The only thing missing is CDs of the great music you play on your recipe videos.-Miriam C. WA
I live in a small town in Texas, if not for Zamouri Spices I wouldn't be able to make my favorite dishes! They are always polite, helpful and my orders get here on time!Thanks Zamouri! -Judy H. Texas
I've started to use the Argan Culinary Oil for salads ( so tasty) and even drop a small portion into my puppy's food since he has a beautiful white coat and heard from a friend that it made a difference for their pets as well. It's truly "gold oil" and use it sparingly but really enjoy the taste, which is unlike any other oil I've used in the past. Thank you ! -Julie/Laguna Woods, CA
I cannot say enough about this merchant. It was easy to order, prices are reasonable, my spices were shipped quickly, carefully packaged, and arrived safely in a couple of days. They have some hard-to-find spices, every one I got was fresh, aromatic, and delicious, and I am enjoying cooking with them. Zamouri Spices is not limited to middle-eastern spices. I started out looking for Nigella seed which I can't find in my local market- wound up buying bay leaves, powdered bay leaf, gumbo file, Harissa paste, saffron, mint flakes, fennel seed, and hungarian paprika as well as the nigella, each one perfectly sealed and labeled. All were of equally high quality. You can tell when a seller takes pride in what they do and cares about good customer service, and Zamouri goes that extra mile. I will be checking Zamouri Spices first for all my spice needs from now on, before buying from anyone else. I highly recommend this seller. Thank you for a great transaction! Very happy! AA! AA+++++-Renee P.
Very pleased with both Argan oils. One is excellent to add flavor to salads, sandwiches, other foods. (It's not a cooking oil.) To use it on a regular basis, the larger size would be more economical. The cosmetic oil is rather rich and somewhat heavy. Don't have to use much.-J.Gray, Palm Springs, FL
I received the Tagine that I ordered. Thank you very much.It arrived in perfect condition. What prompts me to write is the excellent packing that you did for the unit.
My wife, who calls herself your number one fan, says wild horses and killer bees won't drive her away from Zamouri and she bids you and your team a very Happy New Year!-Kirk E, Beverly Hills, CA
Friendly people, fast delivery, FRESH products. Thanks!-M. Reese, VA Beach, VA
The BEST!!! The people are great! They are the most helpful people. I am very happy with all of my purchases. I get recipes and everything with no problems. They provide you with all the tools to be a successful Moroccan cook.-D. Hufnal, PA
Excellent selection of products and the customer service is outstanding. I will most certainly shop with them again!-Jolene S, WA
The lady that helped me on the phone was most helpful. I appreciate your excellent customer service. Thank you!-Lara M, AZ
Have ordered twice in the last month from Zamouri Spices. Quality products, prompt shipping, easy to use website. Thanks so much.-Teresa P, AZ
I wish everyone were as fast in their customer service and delivery as these people.....they have a customer for life....Oh, and great GREAT products with clear options as to how to use them. Amazing!-Jade R, NJ
This is the best place to purchase spices and the customer service is incredible! I have introduced many of my family and friends to this place! Have a wonderful day!-Martha, San Jose,CA
W O W!!! What can I say or add that has not already been said. Your store has the most incredible products. Thank you for being on the web where we out here get the chance to see and order your products as well as those who live close by.-Socorro B, Las Vegas, NV
I love Zamouri Spices. They are so friendly and helpful- and the delivery is awesome. With the availability of their wonderful spice blends, I have been able to create some fabulous and unique dishes for our catering business that have helped us stand out amongst our competition and won us several awards of excellence. Thank you-Connie W, WA
I was thrilled to find the spices I was looking for. They are very hard to come by in the USA.-Mohamed R, Columbus Ohio

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This is a great company. They do stand behind their products. I purchased a tagine, which unfortunately arrived with a big chip on the lid. I called them expecting to have to prove that the lid was ... read more

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