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A tagine is a unique type of ceramic or clay cookware that's popular in North Africa. The bottom is a wide, circular shallow dish used for both cooking and serving, while the top of the tagine is distinctively shaped into a rounded dome or cone.

The word "tagine" also refers to the succulent dish which is slow-cooked inside the cooking vessel. Typically, a tagine is a rich stew of meat, chicken, or fish, and most often includes vegetables or fruit.
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Berber Tagine Tagine Fes Medium
Tagine ~ Berber
Our Price: 69.95

Tagine ~ Fes B Medium
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: 39.95
Savings: $10.00
Tagine Fes Large Tagine Fes XLarge Tagine Chelhi
Tagine ~ Fes C Large
Our Price: $84.95
Sale Price: 69.95
Savings: $15.00
Tagine ~ Fes D XLarge
Our Price: 74.95

Tagine ~ Moorish B Medium
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: 49.95
Savings: $10.00

Tagine Chelhi Tagine Slaoui Tagine Slaoui
Tagine ~ Moorish C Large
Our Price: $84.95
Sale Price: 74.95
Savings: $10.00

Tagine ~ Slaoui C Large
Our Price: 64.95
Tagine ~ Slaoui D Extra Large
Our Price: 69.95

Tagine Marmite Tagine Tangier Simple Cooking Tagine Tagine Tangier Yellow Cooking Tagine
Tagine ~Marmite
Our Price: 99.95
Tagine ~Tangier Simple
Our Price: $139.95
Sale Price: 99.95
Savings: $40.00

Tagine ~Tangier Yellow
Our Price: $149.95
Sale Price: 109.95
Savings: $40.00
Tagine Unglazed Tagine Spice Set Ultimate Tagine Seasoning Kit
Tagine ~Unglazed
Our Price: 29.95
Tagine Spice Set
Our Price: 24.95

charcoal brazier Moroccan Bellow
Zamouri Rabouz ~Bellow
Our Price: 34.95