Amber Musk Resin

Amber Musk Resin

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Amber Musk Resin is a natural non-alcoholic, solid perfume. It is also used as a fragrance for Argan Oil. The aroma is an amber musk with floral overtones from rose.

This resin has been used for ages in places of worship as incense. Amber is used to clear and calm the mind, as well as to aid in meditation. 
Amber Musk resin is used to protect against negative energies and its slightly sweet and gentle fragrance is soothing to the spirit.

Suggested Uses:
  • Gently rub resin onto third eye and pulse points or drop a small amount into your favorite body oil (we suggest cosmetic raw Argan Oil) for a wonderful amber infusion!
  • Place in clothes closet or drawer to impart a fragrance onto your clothing. It's aroma is suitable for men and women both.
  • A natural deodorant or perfume. Simply rub cube on your skin.
  • Add to a sachet of herbs for aromatherapy
  • As an air freshener for home, office or car. Simply open the can and let the wonderful fragrance permeate your surroundings.
Ingredients: Musk Amber, Rose Powder, Essential Oil


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