Masala Lovers Spice Set

Masala Lovers Spice Set

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Masala is simply the Indian word for spice. This lovely set contains our best selling Indian Masalas - packaged in a box for convenient wrapping or shipping.

Included in this SEVEN - 2.0 oz spice jar set is:

Bengali Panch Phoran is used to flavor hot oil (or ghee) before starting the cooking process.

Garam Masala is the most famous North Indian spice blend - an essential for many dishes.

Tikka Masala - actually made famous in Britian - is for the creamy dish of the same name.

Tandoori Masala - is perfect with chicken, meat or fish. Use Tandoori Masala for food cooked in the oven or on a grill.

Fish Masala - for many Indian seafood and fish dishes.

Chat Masala - made with dried mango powder, kala namuk and other spices - is sprinkled over fruits and fruit salads.

Punjabi Masala - is a blend of aromatic and flavorful spices that enhance your poultry and meat Indian dishes. Punjabi Masala adds a floral bouquet to your lentil and soup dishes.

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