Tagine ~Unglazed (Natural)

Tagine ~Unglazed (Natural)

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Size: 9 inches (1 to 2 Servings)

Certified Lead Free / Food Safe

This is an elegant and heavy Unglazed Terracotta Tagine. The high conical lid acts as a closed chimney in which the condensed steam drizzles back into the dish creating a flavorful sauce and deliciously tender meat. Much like cast iron, it is seasoned the more it is used. This is infused back into the dish more and more as time goes by. Moroccan women highly value the oldest unglazed tagines as they are prized for producing better and better dishes.
Traditionally used by Moroccans for cooking. Of Berber origin, it is perfectly suited to braising meats, fish and vegetables because it traps all the flavorful juices released by the ingredients. In Morocco, tagines are traditionally placed on top of a charcoal brazier filled with charcoal for long, slow cooking.
Unglazed tagines must be carefully seasoned (cured) before the first use to make them able to withstand heat. We recommend repeating this process every six months to increase the life of your tagine. See video instructions below. Hand washing is recommended.
Notes about tagines:
•They should cook on the stovetop over VERY LOW heat. Use a heat diffuser to keep the stew from cooking too fast. When cooking inside an oven, place in cold oven and let dish heat up with the oven to prevent thermal shock.
•Lift the lid as infrequently as possible to avoid dissipating the aromatic steam. Confident Moroccan cooks never peak under the cover until the dish is done.
•Tagines are usually made with bone-in meat and cooked until the meat falls off the bone. Moroccans eat with their fingers, so the food must be soft. Moroccan bread is the typical accompaniment, used to convey the food to the diner’s mouth.

The Charcoal brazier and bellow in the picture are NOT included. The item being sold is only the Tagine (dish and lid).

Sizes are approximate as each dish is handmade.

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