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Argan Oil: The word is out - of the wonderful health and beauty benefits this rare and exotic oil possesses. Since the Argan Tree grows only in one place in the world - the South of Morocco, it's supplies are limited. In recent years, the Argan tree has been threatened by social and climatic factors, such as increased agriculture and over exploitation. By using an accredited all-women cooperative network as its sole supplier, we play a role in helping to support the integration of women in Moroccan society and encourage local communities to conserve and expand the Argan forest.

The difference between culinary and cosmetic (raw) oil is in the processing of the nuts. The nuts of the culinary oil are first lightly roasted to bring out the characteristic nutty flavor and aroma that makes it so highly sought after. These are then cold-pressed.

The nuts of the cosmetic (raw) oil are simply cold-pressed. There is virtually no flavor or aroma in the cosmetic grade of Argan Oil. Zamouri Spices does not refine our Argan Oil, so it is edible.
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Amlou Moroccan Almond Argan Spread Argan Oil - Aromatherapy Massage Oil Argan Oil Culinary
Amlou Spread
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Argan Oil Culinary
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Argan Oil One Gallon Culinary Argan Oil Argan Oil for Skin & Hair
Argan Oil Culinary 32oz
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Argan Oil for Skin & Hair
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Argan Oil Raw One Gallon Argan Oil For Body Face and Hair Gift Certificate