Chicken Rfissa with Fenugreek and Lentils

Chicken Rfissa Recipe with Lentils and Fenugreek:
Frozen Paratha bread available at indian or middle eastern stores ... OR
Wide egg noodles 16 oz package
1 cup of lentils and 1 cup of fenugreek seeds.
Whole chicken or chicken thighs.
Two large onions diced.
few shallots cut in quarters.
2 - 4 cloves of Garlic.
Cilantro and parsley tide.
Ras El Hanout Spice Blend.
Coriander powder.
Ginger powder.
Saffron (optional)
Smen or Ghee butter.
Chicken Broth.
Olive Oil.
This recipe will involve Three Steps:
 Step I:   Prepare the Chicken Broth/Stew
 Step II:  Prepare Lentils and Fenugreek seeds when the stew is done.
 Step III: Prepare Ragheef OR Parataa OR Pasta to Serve with.
Preparation: At least 4 hours before cooking or night before.
 Marinade whole chicken cut into four pieces for at least 4 hours.
  marinade: 1 Tbsp Ras El Hanout spice Blend. 
			1 Tbsp Ginger powder
			3 Tbsp Olive Oil
			1 tsp Salt
Soak 1 cup of Lentils in 1 cup of cold water for at least 4 hours
Soak 1 cup of Fenugreek in 1 cup of cold water for at least 4 hours
Step I: the Chicken Stew/Broth
	in a large cooking pot caramelize one diced onion with cooking oil and  1 Tbsp of Smen/Ghee butter.
	Add 1 Tbsp of Ras El Hanout. 1 Tbsp of Cooriander. Pinch of Saffron. Salt to taste.
	Add the marinaded chicken and cook on both sides for couple of minutes.
	Add the rest of the onions and Shallots.
	Add the Cilantro and parsley.
	Add Olive oil (optional)
	Cover all the ingredients with some chicken broth (3 to 4 Cups)
	Cover the pot and let it cook on Medium Heat for Aprx 30 minutes.
	Check on it every 10 minutes and add water if necessary. 
Step II: Lentils and Fenugreek
	in tow small cooking vessels place the lentils and the fenugreek seeds separately.
	in each add one cup of broth from the already cooked chicken stew (see video)
	cover with water and Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes or until done. 
	you will serve these two dishes separate as side dishes.
Step III: Bread or Pasta ?
	Prepare the Paratha Bread by following instructions on the package and our video. OR
	Prepare the Italian wide egg noodle using instructions on the package like any pasta.
Serve while warm:
 Place shredded paratha bread or pasta in a plate. add a piece of chicken on top and pour some sauce on it from the stew.
Serve the lentils and the fenugreek as side dishes.