Orange Blossom Lemonade

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You will *never* go back to simple lemonade again after trying this refreshing beverage.  


8 lemons
½ Cup Sugar (can use raw honey)
2 TBSP Orange Blossom Water
Large bunch of mint (no less than 4 sprigs)
8 cups of water


Squeeze lemons and mix with sugar and orange water.  In a separate container, pour 2 cups of water over the mint to release the mint flavor.  Seep for three minutes then add to the lemon/sugar mixture and add remaining six cups of cool water.  Garnish with lemon slices.



If you are really low on time or energy, you can get the same flavor by using mineral water with 1/4 tsp of Orange Blossom Water in a glass of ice with a wedge of lemon and a bunch of fresh mint tossed in.  But, why not experience bliss and make a whole pitcher?