Moroccan Mint Tea - Traditional Method


Moroccan Mint Tea is more of a ceremony than just a simple beverage. It is served all throughout the day and is a way of relaxing as well as a sign of hospitality to family, friends, guests and business associates. It is traditionally prepared by the host or the head of the family.

This ritual is rather involved. The sugar and tea must be mixed just the right way. Pouring the tea into the glass has its own significance. It not only aerates the tea and infused the mint, but pouring it from a high distance into the glass is considered an act of respect towards the guest. The higher you pour the tea, the more important your guest is.


Fresh Mint Leaves (or 1 tsp dried mint)
1 1/2 tsp Moroccan Gunpowder Green Tea
2 TBSP Sugar (or to taste)
1 Quart HOT Water
1/4 tsp Orange Blossom Water
2 - 4 Threads of Saffron
Please tea in teapot. Add only ONE cup of boiling water to rinse the tea. Swish around and discard water.
Add sugar to taste. Pull mint leaves off of the stem and add to pot. Optional: Add orange blossom water and saffron.
Place on low heat and simmer for five minutes.
Do NOT mix or stir. Simply pour two cups of tea and transfer back to pot. Then, serve.