Harissa Paste
Harissa Paste

Harissa Paste

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Our Harissa Paste is made with chilies vine-ripened to peak flavor perfection and flown to our facility to make each hand-crafted batch from scratch. But, when the chilies run out, so does the Harissa! We use the same recipe that the Zamour tribe of North Africa has passed down from generation to generation (thank you, Grandma!). Fresh chilies? Yes! Fresh garlic? Yes! Preservatives or additives? Ewww! No! That isn't very authentic.

But: what is Harissa?

Harissa,a fiery paste, is popular throughout North Africa. In Morocco, it is served as condiment or dip at the table in a small dish with a spoon. Harissa Paste is often stirred into tagines and couscous to emit its distinct chili taste and intense slow burn. It pairs well with all meats - chicken, beef and lamb - for grilling or roasting. Soups and stews are given a little kick up in flavor by adding as little as a teaspoon. In Tunisia and Algeria, it is often stirred into salads and cooked vegetable dishes to give a characteristic red color. We recommend adding to casseroles, saffron-flavored fish soups and stews. Add as a base for poached eggs. Use in your favorite recipe or as a hot sauce to spice up your favorite foods (such as scrambled eggs).

Zamouri Spices proudly presents our own authentic Harissa - Moroccan Chili Paste. We have created our own special blend of fresh roasted peppers picked at their peak to bring you an outstanding experience.

Ingredients: Fresh roasted chili peppers, Crushed Red Peppers, Salt, Preserved Lemon, Garlic, Paprika, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Water and other spices.

Weight: 6 oz

Top Five Uses:
  • · Blend a tablespoon or two in a pound of ground beef to kick up the flavor of a plain burger. Better yet, add it to ketchup, yogurt, or mayonnaise for a zesty condiment.
  • · Use it as a rub on your favorite meat. One year, we used it on our Thanksgiving Turkey at the company party, and it has been requested that way every year since!
  • · Try some on your eggs. You have never tasted a better scrambled egg burrito and will probably end up ditching the siracha and tabasco sauce.
  • · Put just a dab in your Alfredo or Marinara sauce to make your pasta sing. This idea was created with little Miriam Zamouri was bored of her “garden spaghetti” (sauce made with whatever is growing in the garden). She put a teaspoon in the sauce and that is how she makes it every time now.
  • · Top your hummus with a dollop of Harissa Paste. Hummus is easy to make from scratch, but plain store-bought will work.












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