Moroccan Spices Set of 10

Moroccan Spices Set of 10

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The options are endless for what type of tagine you wish to make! You simply provide the fresh meat & produce. Your imagination is the limit. This is THE set to have in your kitchen when cooking Moroccan dishes. It features nearly everything you need to make an authentic Moroccan meal.

This set features TEN full size - 2.0 oz spice jars and is packaged in a gift box for easy wrapping or shipping.

Ras el Hanout - a staple for many Moroccan dishes. Over 35 herbs and spices make this a Must-Have in every Moroccan kitchen.

Moroccan Rub - excellent in lamb or game dishes. It features cinnamon, cumin, fennel, peppermint, clove, and other spices. Tip: Use as a rub for grilling.

Ahtriya Tagine Spice - Awesome in vegetarian tagines and dishes.

Charmoula Tagine Spice - Perfect for your favorite fish tagine.

Lahma Tagine Spice - Just right for meat tagines; especially beef and lamb.

La Kama Tagine Spice - Excellent in chicken tagines and dishes.

Coffee Spice Moroccan - Finish your evening with a sweet cup of Moroccan coffee. Much like the Turkish espresso, but instead of cardamom, the Moroccans prefer a lovely cinnamon overtone.

Moroccan Kebab - Perfect for your favorite Kebab recipe. Excellent in both meat and chicken kebabs.

Couscous Spice - this blend is perfect for your couscous dish. Excellent for all types of couscous - whether your are making it vegetarian, with lamb, beef or chicken.

Kefta - is your go-to spice when cooking Moroccan dishes using ground beef. Just a tablespoon per pound of meat transforms your dish into a mouthwatering masterpiece.

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